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Privacy Nominee Service - Wyoming and Nevada

Would you like to remain anonymous, keeping your ex-spouse, boss, renters, mooching friends and family, and the government from knowing your business? Our nominee service keeps your name and contact information off public records by listing a nominee name and contact information instead of yours. If you want to keep your name and contact information private or keep the name and information of officers or directors off public records, our nominee service is the ideal solution. Start an LLC or form a corporation in Nevada or Texas with ease using our services, including Legal Zoom.

Special EIN Free Bonus! When you use our nominee service, we will, at your request, get the EIN for your company from the IRS. The IRS will require the SSN or ITIN of the person responsible for filling the tax returns on the form we file. How to form a Nevada or Texas LLC made simple.

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* Nevada price varies with company and number of shares.


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